design & manufacture of plastic parts


We design and make plastic produces quickly and easily for you.


Product Design and manufacturing service

We offer a service of product design and prototyping. We offer these service to help you develop your product ideas, quickly and cost effectively.

With our partners we offer a cost effective prototyping service. From very large to small plastic parts we can turn around functional prototypes for you to test the market with.

With our partners we also offer a full tool making services to help you get into production quickly and cost effectively. We offer cost effective injection molding services with our global molding partners. We offer a wide range of molding services.

Custom Plastic parts.

Design work

Do you need your plastic product designed. Get it quote now.


Do you need prototypes of your products made. Get it quote now.

Injection Moulding

Do you need plastic parts. Leverage our experience in getting your products into production. 

Mold making

Do you need a mold. Get a quotation for complete mold making service.

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Manufacturing Equipment sales

Working with our injection molding machinery and equipment suppliers we can offer you the full range of equipment to get you manufacturing.

Our plastic injection molding equipment  will get you into production in a cost effective way and with the expertise  you need. Check out our full range of equipment.

We offer sales and services on a range of manufacturing equipment to get you into injection molding plastic parts.

Online training in Plastic part design.

If you would like to do it yourself we offer courses on how to design plastic parts for injection molding.

We are client-focused to help individuals and companies develop plastic produces and manufactures them as cost-effectively as possible.