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Plastic Training and Assistance 

Plastic Training courses

Our plastic training courses, are delivered via video with downloadable worksheets. Our courses are on plastic part design, tool design & injection moulding. You will get access to weekly updates.

Design + Troubleshooting

We give assistance with plastic part & tool design as well as help troubleshooting moulding issues.

Sourcing & quotation

Specifying, sourcing and gathering quotation for tooling, machinery & equipment. Also our business to business marketing assistance service.


Full access to all Plastic training courses

We create video training courses weekly with downloadable worksheet  to help you design and process plastics.  We are adding new lessons every week, focusing on plastic part design, plastic tool design and plastic injection moulding processing. Join the lessons today, and keep up with the technology.

Plastic Material introduction - L1

In this lesson we introduce plastic materials and the different types of plastics. We explain the different types of polymers such as thermoplastics, thermosetting and Liquid crystalline plastic materials. We also explain, amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers. We show you the effect of molecular weight on the polymers characteristics and  process-ability.  We have a downloadable questionnaire for material selection.

Mold filling considerations - L2

We introduce the Injection moulding process and talk about he Molding Sequence. We look at Gating location considerations, edge gating, single top gating, muplital gating, tunnel gating, 

Reverse injection etc. We then consider Mold filling orientation, Plastic flow and Factors affecting molecular orientation. Plus work workbook to help design uniformed wall thickness.


Pressure drop consideration - L3

In this lesson we look at gating rules and focus in on Injection pressure and how to calculate pressure drop and shear rate. We also consider design in how it effects pressure by designing in flow leaders and restrictors. Also includes , downloadable pressure drop calculation worksheet.


Wall thickness & gating - L4

In this lesson we look at part wall thickness and different tooling types, multicavity and family moulds. We consider variations in wall sections as well as gating. We as review moulding defects such as Jetting and weld-lines. There is also 

Also includes a useful , downloadable part thickness worksheet with recommendation to wall thickness for different materials. The workbook also considers cost and flow length rations.


Avoid Moulding defects in design - L5

In this lesson we look at weld line types and the appearance of weld lines. We also look at material considerations for weld strength as well as shrinkage and warpage in moulded parts.

Also includes a useful , downloadable boss design worksheet.


Plastic feature design - L6

In this lesson we look at Boss feature design. We also look at correct rib design. Also includes is a useful , downloadable Rib design worksheet.


Plastic shrinkage (part 1) - L7

In this lesson we look as the Pressure volume Temperature relationship of plastics and consider linear mould shrinkage.  We also discuss how the plastics shrinkage test is done and values obtained.  Finally we discuss

the causes of shrinkage in plastics.

Also includes is a useful , downloadable worksheet showing the typical shrinkage values of plastic  materials as well as typical moulding tolerance for different materials..


Plastic shrinkage (part 2) - L8

In this lesson we look at why plastic parts warp and shrink.  We also discuss differential shrinkage.and the effect of processing condition such as cooling time on shrinkage. Finally we discuss filled material & shrinkage.


Plastic Cooling - L9

In this lesson we look at cooling and Solidification.  We also discuss part thickness & cooling as well as cooling calculations. Finally we discuss filled material & shrinkage. Also includes is a useful , downloadable worksheet showing how to estimate cooling times for plastic parts.


Ejection forces - L10

In this lesson we look at plastic part ejection   We also discuss part draft angle and ejection forces. We also consider the effect of surface finish, Surface textures, Materials and Mould surface coatings of part ejection. 



Design review 

Assistance with reviewing you tool and plastic part design. Plus assistance with troubleshooting molding issues. 


Sourcing service

Equipment, machinery & tooling specifying, sourcing, and quotation gathering service. Plus B2B marketing assistance. 

Plastic Training and assistance

Our training and consulting services are for individuals, business and corporation. We have 3 different monthly membership programs to suit you.

Detail of our plastic consulting services.

Moulding Troubleshooting

We help you via whats app to troubleshoot  any moulding issues that you maybe having on a daily basis. We work with you to solve problems and offer advice. Ideal if you are having quality moulding problem and need to be able to be able to get troubleshooting advice quickly 


Plastic part design review

If you are designing a plastic part for injection moulding we can give you advice on how to design the part so that it will not give you any trouble during moulding and you will be able to manufacture better quality parts.


Tool design review

Here we can give you advice on designing your mould, we review you tool design and make suggestions for improvements. Our tool design advice are based on calculations and best guidelines for tool making.

B2B marketing service

For our VIP members we offer assistance in connecting with others in the industry, via Linked-in, Facebook, email or google ranking.


Equipment / Machinery & tooling specifying.

If you need to purchases ancillary equipment, machinery or tooling we can help you by specifying what specification you should be looking for. We offer friendly advice and helpful suggestions so you can get the best value for money. We also offer advice on where to buy that is completely unbiased with zero affliction. 


Quotation advice

We can help you with getting quotation from suppliers and assisting you in building good supplier contracts that protect your business and help build mutual trust between you and your supplier.


Plastic Material selection

 If you need advice on plastic material we can offer advice and suggestion based on your requirements. This is especially useful if you are designing a new product or are have molding issues with an excising part.



Our support is offered via whats app, and  we are available depends on what package you have. All our consulting services are limited to the hours per month on you your package. You can upgrade at any time to purchases more consulting hours from us depending on your needs.



Helping you with your work.





  • Full access to courses, 1 p/w.
  • Plastic consulting for < 2 hrs ;
  •  - Molding troubleshooting advice  
  •  - Design review advice 
  • - Equipment specifying advice
  • - Quotation advice
  •  - Material selection advice
  • Whats app, text support
  • Mon-Fri (8 am - 5 pm) GMT support 

Working for the group success





  • Full access to courses, as released.
  • Plastic consulting for < 16 hrs
  • - Molding troubleshooting advice
  • - Design review report
  • - Equipment specifying report
  • - Quotation gathering
  • - Material selection report
  • - B2B marketing services
  • 7 days a week support
  • Whats app, text & call support
  • Mon-Fri (8 am - 12 pm) GMT support 



We are always just a call away however if your contact needs a little bit of consideration probable best just drop us a line below. Thanks.

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