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Manufacturing jobs .

Your career starts here, we teach the skills needed for real manufacturing jobs. 

Course for real industrial work

Our courses are for people wanting to work within the manufacturing Industry.

Specialised courses

Are courses are very specialised and aimed to give you real skills to work within the manufacturing industry.

Online courses

Our courses are delivered online with expert coaches that can break down the information simpley for you.

Real Jobs

Job specification and requirements are getting longer, we teach you the skills you need for manufacturing.


Boosting Your Career

We try keep it simple and just forcus to giving you the necessary information without the fancy animation and video editing. Our courses teach you the skills you need to get started and excel within Industry.

We will be increasing our range of courses to help you progress with your career.  Our courses mainly cover the manufacturing of plastic and metal parts, as well as the design of parts.

Change career, start fresh or advance in your current job.

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