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Here is have the current and upcoming courses that you can consider taking.

Injection molding fundamentals

This courses teaches you the skill of operating and sett-up an injection molding machine correctly.

Injection molding is a very interesting topic with a lot of technical aspects. Some may say it is an art form however more would say it is a very exact science. We have developed this courses on the subject of injection molding. We start with the basics, then move onto more advanced topics within injection molding.

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Plastic part design course

This course teaches you the skill of designing plastic parts.

Designing plastic parts can be best described as a compromise. There are many things one needs to consider so that the part will be able to be molded correctly in a cost-effective manner. We will developed this course soon. 

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Injection mold design

Mold design is a highly sought after skill and requires a great deal of attention to detail.

We will be developing this courses in mold design to help those wanting to learn more about mold design. We start with the very basics and work up to more advanced topics. Our courses are meant to take you from a beginner to advance level in mold design.

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