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There is a lot of things to consider when designing a new product. Especially with plastic parts, one must consider design for manufacture. With plastic parts there are key design guidlines that must be followed so as to reduce tooling and molding issues.

A good troubleshooting guide is a very useful tool to have for any injection moulding factory. This troubleshooting guide can be easily updated and customized to suit your production needs.

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Injection molding production levels and molding cycle times plus video training. This mobile worksheet can be easily used on your smart phone to help you do important calculations.

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Injection molding cost calculation

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How to Lessen Your Injection Molding Costs

Design and injection molding technologies are continuously improving. This process can be a complex one, so you can expect to pay more for it. There are ways to lower your manufacturing costs, however. You must first know what they are before you can take action. To do this, you must use a cost calculator.

To produce an accurate estimate of your injection molding cost, you should factor in not just the raw materials, but also all the manufacturing steps involved in the process. In other words, the factors to consider are: Total cost of all machining activities to produce your product. As earlier mentioned, injection molding machines come in a variety of sizes and all come at different prices. So, it is necessary to determine your machine operating costs before you can determine the overall molding cost. To do this, you should add up all your machine operating costs including your raw material costs, labor costs, and other miscellaneous fees.

If you plan to use your injection molding machine for precision fabrication, then you should be able to get a handle on how much it is going to cost. In most cases, these machines are used in conjunction with desktop CNC machining. The major difference between desktop CNC machining is that the former uses a computer to specify the dimensions and other manufacturing information, while the latter does not. Desktop CNC machining is typically used for intricate designs, and the injection molding cost per product will be higher. However, if you are using the machine for simple models only, then the manufacturing costs per item should be lower.

One way of getting a rough estimate on your manufacturing costs is to convert the raw material cost into an hourly rate. You can do this by using a spreadsheet or any other software that can calculate material costs. Then, multiply the hourly rate by the volume of each individual material. This tells you the amount of material costs per hour. By adding up all the materials per hour and dividing it by the number of hours in which you expect to make one model, you can get a rough idea on the approximate costs per hour.

This also helps you know what the tooling costs will be. Tooling generally includes parts such as nuts and bolts. To get a better idea on how much each individual part will cost you per hour, divide the total number of hours by the number of nuts or bolts used. This gives you a good idea on the tooling cost per hour. Once you know what the tooling cost per hour is, you can convert the raw material cost to the tooling cost and see what effect this has on the cost of your parts.

Another way of getting an approximation is to determine the ideal design for your part and your injection molds. A suitable mold size can be determined by the manufacturer. If you have a design in mind, then you can simply look up the average cost of similar molds by multiplying the design size by the millimeters in design size. However, sometimes you need to settle for a different design if you cannot obtain the ideal design. If so, then you can change your design once you have the appropriate tools for the job.

You can get an idea of injection molding costs when you look at the molds available for your design. In the event that your design is too complicated, there are several ways to reduce its complexity. This includes reducing the number of cavities and the overall volume of each cavity, if possible. If your design is very simple, then the volume and number of cavities will not have an effect on your costs because you will not need injector complex molds.

It is also worth noting that you may need only one cavity in your design, but many machines will require as many as nine cavities in order to work well. This has an impact on the overall complexity of your mold and it is to this end, that many manufacturers quote the cost of their machines along with the cavities that they require. Finally, you should bear in mind that many machines will need to run on a temperature that is specific to your needs. So look for a machine that has been designed to work in this type of environment. This will reduce complexity considerably and allow your machine to work more effectively..