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Injection molding technican.

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Injection moulding fundamentals

I have worked within the injection molding industry for over 20 years and I know how frustrating and difficult the molding process can be aswell as understanding how competitive the business can be. However with a little knowledge and hardwork you can become an injection molding expert and really excell within this industry.

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Learn to become an Injection molding expert engineer with pay from €45K per year.

Becoming an injection engineer can be very difficult, there is alot to learn and understand from Plastic materials to equipment, machine setting and machine maintanence.

Even though you may  work in an injection molding factory or have had experience working in a molding factory. There are many issue that come up day after day. 

Been able to solve and quickly understand the root cause can be very important. If you can become known as an expert at solving production issues with in a fast moving mold factory, you will become known as an expert in that area.

However you will need to get a good understand of the molding process and how it should be set-up.

Most molding factories are ran by phisically big men, while they are very good at bulling others and at getting angry they are not very good at thinking logically and finding solution to production issues. This is where a little knowledge and hard work can really set you appart.  

This course will introduce you a fundanentals of injection molding from materials to the equipment and machine set-up. We also give you a good overview of the molding business and regulation involved within the molding industry. Giving you a very good bases to start becoming an Injection molding expert. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This course introductes the business of injection moulding, the equipment, the materials and how to set-up an injection molding machine aswell as the maintanence needed. This course take you trough all the major parts of injection moulding while also getting into the details of machine set-up. Once you sign up you will be give a username and password to login to the course. Every day a new lesson will be released into your members area. Each lesson is about 1 hour long and includes access to the course presentation and a quiz at the end of each lesson. The result of this simple quiz you can post to you social media so as to tell your network about your acheivements. After completing this course you will have a great understanding into the fundamentals of the injection molding process and should be well able to set-up a moulding machine correctly.

Molding business

By doing this course you will learn about the molding business and the manufacturing regulations around the business. This is very important to understand and to get a good apperication for.

Process troubleshooting

By understanding polymer materials and the process you will be able to help troubleshoot key material, tooling and process related issues. This is a key skill to have in any molding factory.

Machine set-up

By understanding how to set the induvidual movement of an injection molding machine you will be able to set-up an injection molding machine for any process. This is a key skill in manufacturing plastic parts.

Find a job

As a bonus, at the end of the course we have a very frank conversation on finding and securing employment withinthe molding industry. We give you over 25 years experience on how the find high paying work within the industry.

What’s in the course

Below is what is in each lesson of the course, each lesson is given via video presentation for about 1 hour.


Lesson 1: Injection moulding introduction

Here we introduce the injection molding industry, its scale and the level of competition. You will get to appreciate the scale of the plastics industry and the amount of science involved in plastic materials.  We don't overload you on the first lesson but we give you a good overview of the science.


Lesson 2: Injection molding machinery & equipment

Here we introduce the wide variety of machinery and equipment within the injection molding business. We will also discuss how some of the more common machinery works and outline its function. You will get to understand the basic working of the equipment used within injection molding.


Lesson 3: Injection molding business - costs / profits

This lesson introduces the plastic industry and the business side of manufacturing plastic parts. We will also discuss injection molding costs and how to reduce costs and increase value. You will learn about the competition within the industry while also understanding the cost driving factors.


Lesson 4: GMP for injection moulding.

In this lesson we introduce Good Manufacturing Practices for manufacturing plastic parts. We will show how the 10 principles of GMP and how they relate to injection molding. You will get an appreciation why GMP is important and why the business needs it.


Lesson 5: Clamping / mold open / mold close / mold safety set-up.

In this lesson we get down to the basic set up of a moulding machine. We introduce how to setup and the clamping sequence and we will look at how the clamping unit is typically set up. You will learn in detail the setting up of the clamping system on an injection moulding machine.


Lesson 6: Cores & ejection set-up

This is a very important lesson where we introduce the ejection and core sequence on a moldng press. We will look at how the ejection and cores are typically set up. You will get a detail understand of setting up the mold cores and eqection system on an injection moulding machine.


Lesson 7: Injection & holding set-up

A very insightfull lesson on how to setup the injection and holding sequence on a moldng press. We will look at how the injection & holding phases are typically set up. You will get a detail understand of how to set the injection & holding sequence on an injection moulding machine. This step has a large effect on the actual part quality which we go into in some detail.


Lesson 8: Heating , Charging & cooling set-up

Here we introduce how the plastic is heated in the barrel of the machine, the charging and cooling of the plastic shot. We will look at how the heating, charging and cooling are typically set on the machine. You will get a detail understand of how to set the barrel heating, charging & cooling sequence on an injection moulding machine.


Lesson 9: Moulding machine maintanence

We introduce how to maintane an injection molding machine . We will look at what needs to be checked and how often. You learn all about setting up a machine maintanence projram.


Lesson 10: Molding Machine testing

This is a fundamental look at testing an injection molding machine . We will look at how to tests and checks your molding press is running well. You will get a detail understand of how to test an injection molding machine.


Bonuses! - Finding a high paying job - 50K per year.

At the end of the course we give you advice on how to find work in this industry and how to find high paying  jobs in the molding business.  Also for thoes already working in the business we give you some pratical advice on how to avoid the pit falls of factory work. We also tell you what else you need to know and understand to trully master this subject.

Bonus 1
Find a high paying job.

Find the high paying jobs is just the first parts been able to convince the hiring manager that you have the skills and experience to do the job is another thing. In the bonus lesson we will give you advice on this.

Bonus 2
How to get a head in this industry

The injection molding manufacturing industry is a fast moving and competitive industry. Been able to deal with difficult suituations and confirtation is a very important skill to have. In the bonus lesson we discuss this and give you some advice on this important subject.

Bonus 3
How to master this business

Finding and holding onto a high paying job is good. But how to really master this business is what you may want to do. In the bonus lesson we discuss what you need to learn and how you can show other  how much you know and understand about the industry and technology.

About The Course Teacher,
(Colm Walsh)

Colm, has worked within the injection moulding industry for many years. Having qualified from college back in 1997 with a degree in Polymer technology and worked in many injection molding companies both in ireland and overseas. He has much experience with factory working and in plastic injection molding process set-up that he would like to share with you.

Colm is a very friendly and knowledgable engineer that is passionate about plastic injection molding. He has a great way of explaining the core consepts in a relaxed and simple way

What if I have been working with in the molding industry for some time?

You will understand some of the concepts we introduce here in this course so you may be a head of some. However if you are the type of person who likes to learn more about the injection molding processing and the business you will find plenty of interesting and perhaps new perspective on the subject

injection molding

Plastic processing

On processing

Injection molding process

There is much to know and learn about plastic processing and with injection molding.  This is a fun and exciting course with lots to take in about plastic processing.

Machine maintanence


Manufacturing equipment

Within injection molding there is a vast number of machines and equipment used in the molding process. Understanding and maintanening the equipment is import, and one of the topics we cover.

Job finding

Becoming an expert

Tip and advice on get work.

The Bonus lesson we reveal some tips and tricks o how to get high paying jobs in this industry as well as how to set yourself as an expert.

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We are only concerned that you have a good experience learning the content of this course, we want you to succeed with this course. If you are not 100% satisfied with the course we will fully refund the course fee . This is our guarantee, we are commiteed to your sucess and want to help you within your career.

You may be think 200 US$ is alot, but when you think of getting a job paying about 50K a year. That is a take home pay of about 800 euro a week, it is a very small investment in your career and furture. Think about it, if you don't invest in yourself  who is?

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About injection molding

Learn about molding business

Molding business

By understanding the molding business you will understand the business pressures, costs and profits. You will learn about equipment costs, the initial investment thats required to start molding and the potential profis of the bussiness.

Setting molding machine

Learn how to set-up a molding press.

Correct machine set-up.

Been able to set-up and run injection molding machine is a skill like any other it takes knowledge, pratice and confidence. However mainly knowledge, in this course we teach you the fundamentals of setting up the molding press correctly.

Finding work

Advice on finding work.

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The molding Industry is always in need of hard working, dedicated people to help run and set-up their molding machines. This course we give to tips and advice on marketing your skills and knowledge to the right people in the molding business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a cert at the end of the course.

We provide you a cert of completion, that you can show potential employers that you have completed this course.

What will I be able to do after this course? 

You will be able to start-up and run an injection moulding machine, while also been able to set-up the process correctly.  You will also be able to trouble shoot many of the most common equipment and process related problems within injection moulding.

Will I be able to get a job after this course?

We give you the skils & knowledge to work within the moulding industry. We will also show you how to find work in this industry while also giving you tips and advice asto how to get ahead in the molding business.

How can i learn more about injection molding?

We try to give you as much information as we can however you will need to take ownership of learning and using the information.  We will give you advice an guidence for you to grow within the molding business.

What does the personal coaching session cover?

In the 1-to-1 coaching session, you get a chance to ask any question relating the the course as well as been able to disscuss what ever issue you are having in injection molding. This will be a video coaching call that will help you fully unuderstand the lessons and a chance to talk to the course creator.

What if I am not happy with the course? 

We do have a 100% refund policy on the course before the first 5 days. If you are not fully happy with thte course you can request a refund, however we would encourage you to stay with the course as there is over tweenty years of hands on experience within the course.

regular course

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  • Over 10 hours of lessons
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Advanced course

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  • 60 mins private coaching call
  • Over 10 hours of lessons
  • HD quality video presentations
  • Immediate Start
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A personal note

Learning about injection molding opens so many doors within this industry. Having a good fundamental understanding into the molding process will help you gain and excell within the molding industry. I hope you will join me on this journey into the fun and exciting industry of plastic injection molding and be part of the Plastic solution.