Work with us and get paid for creating training presentations.

Create training content for us, and we pay you when course is purchased.

Work with us.

We offer courses to people involved in the plastic part manufacturing industry to help people learn more about manufacturing and to succeed in their manufacturing career.

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Knowledge you need 

If you have specific knowledge and skills in: Plastic injection molding, Plastic part design , Injection molding design, Lean six sigma. SPC, Project managment.. etc..

What you need to do:

Create training presentation, working online and collaberating with our team to create course lessons.


We offer commision payment per 1 hours lesson of 2% per course sale.

So for a 200 euro, 10 lesson course, you will get paid 20% or 40 euro every time the course sells. We would hope to be able to sell 100 course every year, giving you an income of 4000 euro per year for just one course. However we can't guarantee these sales it really does depend on the marketing and sales.