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Here you will find free online training to help you learn more about materials and manufacturing.

Lesson 1

Here I introduce plastic materials and the different categories of plastic materials.

Lesson 2

Here I introduce thermosetting materials and discuss how materials properties can be effected.

Our free online injection molding training

Here you will find some interesting free leaning presentation on plastic injection molding.


These are the most common questions I see from injection molding students. The certification and the online training course don't guarantee that the individual has the skills or understanding of the original question. Many times, the question is "I'm curious how to get injection mold training?" and it's followed by a list of questions like:

Molding is a difficult skill to master, especially if your research and education are not extensive. Many people become certified and work in a professional environment without being properly trained. They assume they know how to operate an injection molding machine. This is where problems often arise. It is obvious that someone who works in a professional shop doesn’t know how to use their machine properly.

The most common mistakes made by injection molding training students is using outdated or outdated technologies. This is because companies that design the machines are more concerned with price than quality. Students who have outdated or incorrect information can have difficulty understanding how to use the machine. The student isn't given enough instruction to be able to do their job correctly.

Another issue that graduates of injection molding training face is the repetition of the same videos and books. Graduates do not stop to consider how to apply what they have learned. The result is a typical high-tech "master's degree" for injection molding, which lacks the ability to apply and implement.

Video learning

Multimedia presentations are a better way to learn injection molding. It's true that there are several great books on the market, and most injection molding training classes should include a few good books. Many students don't take the time to read these books or to explore other issues that face plastic manufacturers. Why not make learning about injection molding fun? You can even create your own table at a coffee shop using a laptop and a projector.

Online learning.

There are many books that provide detailed information on injection molding, and there are many videos available online from injection molding companies. Most of these videos can be found via Google. To copy and paste the videos onto your laptop or projector, you will only need to do this for most videos. You could also download the entire PDF file and print it out to use as a presentation. 

You will have access both to the full PDF file and several videos that demonstrate injection molding techniques from leading injection molding companies. You can watch them again to refresh your memory and review the critical skills you have forgotten.

On the job learning.

Many companies offer training in real-life settings, such as product displays, product demonstrations, and conferences. These events are perfect if you want to see first-hand how injection molding parts work in an actual production environment. These events are sometimes held in local museums or government buildings so you can get hands on training without having to attend a seminar. If you are attending a conference or similar event and want to learn more about injection molding, then look for the section or track that is relevant to your interests. Then, attend the scheduled sessions.

online seminar

Another way to receive hands-on plastic injection molding training is to attend an online seminar. A lot of seminars include a practice, where you will put together the plastic parts which will be formed by the instructor. If you are still working on your projects, this is the best option. You'll get to see the process right before your eyes, and will feel more comfortable working with a virtual model instead of real pieces. Sometimes, there will be a chance to go deeper into the process during the seminar, so make sure to register for the service.

Some seminars offer additional information. Many seminars offer additional information such as how you can prepare all the necessary materials and set up your injection molding shop. Additional topics could include plastic injection molding applications and polymer conversion and design. With the increasing number of seminars advertised in today's market, you can be sure that there will be information that will touch on main topics of interest. So whether you are still starting to work as a learner or an advanced technician, you should be able to find the perfect seminar to match your needs.