What Is A Plastic Injection Molding Machine Used For?

plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is a production procedure for creating plastic parts by injection molding molten plastic material into a molded mold, or mold. Injection molding can be done with a variety of materials most often but can also use rubber and even metal materials.  Thermoplastic matrerials are most typically used polymers. Plastic injection molding can […]

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Injection Molding Near Me

injection molding near me

The nice thing about injection molding is that it allows manufacturers to use thousands of different types of plastics. This is because the manufacturers can design the plastics parts for different applications. This also means that the end parts can be light weight. This can be a big benefit when it comes to manufacturing parts for a car, truck, boat, aircraft, where weight to strength rations are important.

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Choosing Rubber For Injection Molding

rubber for injection molding

When choosing a rubber material for injection molding, you should keep in mind that the material’s physical properties, such as creep resistance, take precedence over its aesthetic qualities. In other words, if the material has unique properties that you are looking for, such as extreme resilience to extreme temperature changes, then that is the material for you. You should also consider the speed of vulcanization at which the rubber takes after being injected. Some vulcanized rubber is referred to as glow rubber, because of its tendency to glow in the dark when it is newly injected.

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Used Injection Moulding Machines for Sale

used injection molding machines

If you are thinking about purchasing injection molding machines, whether for your new business or excisting application, you should take a long hard look at used injection molding machines. These machines can provide you with many benefits that will help you expand your business and run more smoothly. However, before you purchase, there are a […]

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Injection Molding Costs

injection molding costs

Pro-plastics can offer you a product design service, costing, manufacturing outsourcing for prototype, molds & injection molding services. Contact pro-plastics today for some free independent advice and to discover how we can save you time & money.

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